Album art Limited Edition Collection

"For our golden jubilee, we have prepared a limited series of BD Artwork shirts, with only 200 pieces available for each design. These shirts will reflect your wishes and preferences entirely, presenting you in a unique way. Each shirt will be numbered from 001 to 200.


How it works:


  1.   You choose the model you prefer. You can choose from four (4) different models


  1.   polo t-shirt
  2.   fitted t-shirt
  3.   wide t-shirt
  4.   crop top


  1.   Next, you choose the BD Artwork you would like to have printed on your shirt. These are original album covers from Bijelo Dugme released over the last two decades. We offer eight (8) different artworks featuring Bijelo Dugme albums:


  1.   Kad bi’ bio bijelo dugme; 1974.g.
  2.   Sto bi' dao da si na mom mjestu; 1975.g.
  3.   Eto! Baš hoću!; 1976.g.
  4.   Bitanga i princeza; 1979.g.
  5.   Doživjeti Stotu; 1980.g.
  6.   Uspavanka za Radmilu M.; 1983.g.
  7.   Bijelo Dugme; 1984.g.   
  8.   Pljuni i zapjevaj moja Jugoslavijo; 1986.g.
  9.   Ćiribiribela: 1988.g.

  1.   Then, you choose from two available colors: black and white.
  2.   We want you to look good in it, so you’ll need to choose your size :)
  3.   Lastly, there are some technical details like your shipping address and email address. 



And that’s how you can make your own unique Bijelo Dugme artwork t-shirt, tailored to your preferences and desires. Each shirt will be made exclusively for you and your preferences."


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